Memory Loss in Seniors

Before jumping to the conclusion that Alzheimer’s disease has taken hold, realize that some memory loss is natural and normal as people age. There may be any number of medical explanations, such as age related diabetes; vitamin B12 deficiency; depression; or Parkinson’s disease.

The important factor here is to visit your doctor. Or, a newly recommended specialist in memory issues. Don’t hesitate to write your questions down on a piece of paper. Prior to the appointment, you can jot down observations or questions. Have you heard complaints of aches? Coughing? Loss of appetite? Increasing memory lapses, or repetitive stories?

Many times medical visits are short. The doctor’s schedule may be jammed with patients all day long, every day. But if you have a list for review, you will be able to address your concerns. How long have you noticed these changes? This helps you keep the physician abreast of changes, and helps keep you more informed.