Changes in Aging Parents Can Come Quickly

Generally, you need to pay more attention in observing and speaking with your aging parents. We all may be guilty of dismissing changes as simply unimportant. But in reality, the change may be due to a deeper, more telling cause.

My mother religiously called me every Sunday. Usually before noontime. It was her habit, an ingrained routine to check-in with her children every week via phone. I observed two years ago that this habit had been altered. I did not notice the change at first, but soon I realized she was not making her normal Sunday phone call. In response, I simply started to call her. But over time I came to understand that she had forgotten her routine, lost track of days, and was no longer able to define and carry out her routine schedules. This enabled me to bring in home care services and qualified staff help. At Home Care Partners, we keep your partners safe while maintaining their independence. Visit our website:

Professional Medical Advice

It may prove extremely helpful and informative to sit in on your parents’ monthly doctor’s appointment. Many times, the details of these conversations don’t get communicated or repeated properly. What goes on in the doctor’s office stays in the doctor’s office, and aging seniors forget the physician’s diagnosis and recommendations. Sitting in on a parent/physician meeting allows you to pose questions of the doctor, and become familiar with his/her routine. What is blood pressure reading? How consistent and strong is heart beat? Any weight fluctuations? Reflexes? How is eyesight – can they read the charts? Is the doctor looking at anything based on past history?

Having a home care provider to assist in doctor visits can prove invaluable.