For many, this can become a somewhat mind boggling task. And I’m referring to the adult children who are trying to decipher their parent’s medications! Imagine how confusing it may be for a senior to stay on schedule! Home Care Partners can help to provide mindful, caring staff to monitor these daily events for seniors.

Change can be Rapid

Medication side effects and changes can happen weekly for elders as various tending physicians tweak their drug recommendations. Dosage strength, and chemical mix can often change as physicians attempt to assist elder patients.

How to get a handle on this? Our homecare staff can help to manage, organize, and remind elders to maintain their proper medication schedule. First, make a master list. Place all the drug containers on a table in front of you, and write down prescription name, date, and other relevant information. Create a master list of drugs, dosages, and data such as a) time of day; b) to be taken with/out food. You may even describe the pill. Is it yellow, or blue? Small, or large? Next, post these schedules in areas of the house where Mom, Dad, and any other private duty care staff can easily find and read. Put this on the kitchen table, or the refrigerator. Tape a copy to the inside of a kitchen cabinet. Make certain you update all copies. And keep a copy for your own records.