Senior’s Emotional Health Can Affect Physical Health

The physical ailments of aging can be – at times – readily identifiable. Whether a sore knee, shoulder, or swelling in the legs and ankles – these can be diagnosed by those in the medical profession as results of arthritis, poor circulation, etc. However, the process of aging can also take on a more internal effect. Seniors can become withdrawn, uninspired, complacent, and depressed. The simple frustration of age, and the loss of many functional abilities, can greatly effect the emotional health and well being of seniors.

Common worries can cause great upset in elders. Simple everyday tasks such as preparing a small lunch can be a mental burden.  Home Care Partners care staff can relieve the anguish in such daily activities.

Benefits of Socialization

Depression is common in many seniors. But there may be many reasons – personal, environmental, physical, internal, which result in depression. For example, the loss of a spouse can understandably effect the survivor. They may become withdrawn, sad, lacking the daily focus of a partner’s company. They may not be interested in socializing even with old friends and lifelong neighbors due to their loss. Alternatively, your mother’s depression may due to a biological imbalance, not simply because of her age. Her body may not be producing the proper hormones to maintain chemical balance. Having a home companion with regular visits can be a very positive addition to daily life. Someone to talk to…to look forward to seeing can brighten up the whole day. For many, the planned visit provides a reason to get out of bed and get started with the day.