Covers Eligible Veterans and Spouses

Under the right conditions, about 33% of all seniors in this country could qualify for approximately $1,950 a month in financial assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This money can be used to pay for recurring health-related expenses, including home care services and Adult Day Care services. As an example, these funds can be used to pay for prescriptions, doctor visits, home caregivers, homecare agencies, and medical equipment. Adequate documentation and evidence must be provided in order to receive money from VA for these services. Home Care Partners offers free consulting and detailed instructions on this process.

Financial Assistance for Veterans

This little-known source of money for paying long term care costs is known as Veterans Aid & Attendance pension and is available to veterans who served on active duty during a period of war AND/OR to the single surviving spouses of these veterans. Of approximately 35 million Americans age 65 and older in this country, about 11.5 million are veterans who served during a period of war or their surviving spouses. This represents about 33% of the senior population.