Families Need Additional Support Resources

When considering who provides social support for an elderly parents or individuals, our first thoughts are to turn to family members. However, while it is true that most support does come from extended relatives or family members, there are many circumstances in which family members can not be supportive with their time or their presence. Individual stress due to work/family responsibilities can stretch even the most competent adults. Circumstances such as health, illness, death, financial problems, and job relocation can represent significant barriers to providing additional time and attention to aging parents.

In the United States, the fastest growing age group of individuals are those 85 years and older. Due to this fact, family supports will inevitable decrease for these older individuals. Investigating local resources, and community-based services is more important now then ever before. Companion staff at Home Care Partners provide a mature and caring companion for many seniors who remain at home. Our agency, like others across the country — provides experienced, compassionate and dependable caregivers selected to provide our clients with loving care and assistance to make life easier for them and to provide their families with peace of mind.

Senior Citizen Centers 

Community-based services can be extremely useful for elderly individuals. Today, there are estimated to be about 15,000 senior centers across the United States. Services for older persons can encompass many areas, but one of the most important areas as discussed previously is social support. Additional support for elderly persons can be found in other community services including, assisted living facilities, meal delivery, religious affiliations, and adult day care centers. These services can provide positive social supports that can help older persons defeat loneliness and isolation.