Family Demographics Causing Shift in Care Giving Resources

Today, 80 percent of all long-term care is provided by family members and friends and outside of hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions. This caregiving might include grocery shopping and housecleaning for a disabled parent several hours a week, or helping a loved one who is recuperating from surgery to bathe and dress several days each week for a few months, or it might even mean providing 24-hour attention to a parent or spouse struggling with Alzheimer’s.

The problem with this evolving model of care is that there are (or soon will be) fewer children to provide care. Today’s average couple has only two children, whereas earlier generations of their elders had four or more children in the family. Secondly, family members may not live nearby due to increased mobility, economic necessity, and relocation. For example, my eldest daughter currently lives and works in Vietnam. Thirdly, there is an escalating number of singles without spouses due to rising divorce rates. Approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. And finally, more middle-aged men and women continue to work for economic and/or professional reasons.

Many baby boomers, meanwhile, are learning that Medicare was never designed to cover these types of long term costs. Even though the overwhelming majority of elders would prefer to be cared for at home, Medicare will only provide reimbursement for hospital and physician expenses and offer limited support for nursing home and home health care. Another interesting fact — more than 90 percent of Americans have never discussed long term options, roles and responsibilities of family members, and how they plan to pay for long term care needs with and for those closest to them.

When seniors or individuals recovering from an illness or injury need long-term or short-term assistance with their daily living needs, home is the most comfortable and convenient place for them to receive care.

Oftentimes family members — out of love — will attempt to take over the responsibility of caring for a parent or a sibling themselves. Unfortunately, this generous act can put tremendous strain on their existing relationship. The family member can quickly become overwhelmed by the additional responsibility leading to feelings of resentment, while the receiver of care experiences guilt and diminished self-worth for shifting this burden on a loved one.

A personal care provider is the perfect solution for everyone.

Home Care Partners, LLC provides experienced, compassionate and dependable caregivers carefully selected to provide our clients with loving care and assistance to make life easier for them and to provide their families with peace of mind. All of our caregivers are carefully screened and insured so you can trust you are getting the best possible assistance.

If needed, our agency also provides services to individuals who may reside in an assisted living or nursing home facility.

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