Needing Additional Care Assistance at Home

Arranging home care services for yourself, a parent, grandparent, or family friend may seem like a daunting task…but it can be quite simple! Certainly, the decision making process can be quite difficult if under stress, or due to an emergency situation. Recently, Home Care Partners has provided private duty in-home care to clients under stress and deadlines. For example, a hospital discharge plan which requires the family to have 24/7 home care coverage. Or, an assisted living facility which requires residents to hire home care services to insure safety and security within the apartment living space.

Many families attempt to absorb the caregiving duties for Mom and Dad. However, there are multiple factors which can prevent family members from directly caring for aging parents. Families may be quite dispersed, with significant gaps in geographical proximity. Distance may make hands-on caregiving impossible. Professional and atomic family obligations may severely limit the available time to help. And relationships may cause a blockage. That is, mother and father may NOT want a daughter (or son) to help them with personal care needs…bathing, showering, and toileting. They may prefer a professional who is trained to provide these services. They DON’T want family members to provide this kind of assistance.

Are you truly able to care for and/or attend to the needs of one or both aging parents?

Hiring an Agency

Sometimes it is as simple as picking up the phone. You can find Home Care Partners in 1) the local phone directory; 2) online with descriptive information on our website: http://www.homecarepartnersma.com3) via our newspaper advertising; 4) or simply pick-up our corporate brochures at various Council on Aging offices.

You are encouraged to ask any/all pertinent questions.

– Does the agency conduct background checks on their care staff? Home Care Partners conducts two levels of screening. We run an online search on all candidates. And in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we submit a criminal background check (referred to as CORI) specific to the Commonwealth. This information will tell us whether any candidates have appeared in court on a violation, and the court determination at that time.

– Does the agency have sufficient staff resources? When a care staff has a scheduling conflict, or illness, does the agency have resources available to provide substitution for a given day, or period of time? We strive to build our roster based on localized staff. So we hope to always have local employee resources available for our clients.