Home Care Delivered at Home

Why do elders, and their family members, prefer homecare services? Here are just a few of the reasons why your parents and community seniors benefit from agencies such as Home Care Partners.

  • Home care is delivered by a special group of people.  Caring staff members don’t work in the home care industry for the money. Our staff understands the value they bring to the elderly. They enjoy this kind of work because it results in the emotional satisfaction of helping others, and for making a difference in the life of another. There is an unmeasurable value in helping those in need.
  • Home care extends life.  Yesterday I received a phone call from a former client.  Her pill box had not been filled, so she was unable to calculate what medications she should take.  Compounding matters, her eyesight is so bad, she is unable to read the prescription bottles.  Is she safe living alone?  Seniors living alone, almost in isolation, are prone to bad habits.  Meals may not be prepared properly; medications may be skipped or forgotten.  Visits by home care personnel provide a personal connection, possible medical support, and some general help around the house.
  • Home care improves one’s quality of life.  Living in familiar surroundings, both inside the home and in the community or neighborhood, is a positive benefit for seniors. For most people, the quality of their life is far better at home than anywhere else.
  • Home care is less expensive than other forms of care.  Certainly the costs of home care are always less expensive than hospitalization.   Home care is also significantly less than monthly fees of a nursing home. Costs associated with homecare are somewhat controllable — that is, you buy what you need. If a senior needs four hours of daily help, they receive 28 hours over a weekly period. There are no hidden fees or extra expenses for additional services.
  • Technology will make home care even more desirable in the future.  The growing emphasis in the medical community is to proactively assist people from the necessity of hospitalization. To accomplish this, there is a focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through educational initiatives aimed at diagnosing, monitoring and treating illnesses at a distance. Medical and technological advances will soon make more and more of this possible and financially practical. The objective is to help make home care even more of a preferred option.

 Home care for a parent, spouse or other loved one, is a logical and preferred choice for seniors.