Professional Care Can Relieve Family Burnout

Absorbing the care and support for elderly parents can be stressful, overwhelming, and costly. All seniors have different emotional and physical needs, so there is no “one solution” that will permanently fit. Some elderly parents only want care from their adult children. And yet they may abuse the family caregivers by being demanding and over bearing. I recently met with a local senior and her adult daughter. The latter was trying to develop a care plan and utilize homecare resources so as to be ready when needed. The elderly mother was disruptive, stubborn, rude, and extremely condescending to her daughter while we met. And yet the elder was continuing to demand assistance and attention from her daughter.

On the other side of the equation, family members may not have the time, patience, resources or knowledge to deal with their parents or aging relatives. There exist lifelong, emotional, inter-personal relationships that may be barriers to caregiving. Not to mention the factor of distance. The family may be geographically dispersed and unable to easily provide assistance.

Many times I am asked by a perspective client, “does your agency have a minimum number of hours for work?” At Home Care Partners, we do not. Our objective is to provide beneficial assistance and service to our clients. And we work on an agreed upon schedule with our clients.

Getting to know the senior can take some time — it may take them time to warm up to a new caregiver. But the benefits of a professional caregiver — to both the senior and the family on multiple levels — will be significant for all involved parties.