Bring Care Services into the Home

Consider the costs for your elderly parent(s) to live out their remaining years in a nursing home. While costs may vary nationwide, in Massachusetts the expense for a private room may easily exceed $130,000 per year. This is based on an annualized private room rate at or above $350. per day. Costs for semi-private rooms likely exceed $104,000 per year based on an average of $285. per day. These numbers are staggering!

Healthcare costs for seniors grow exponentially from one’s 50s to mid-90s. And many, many elderly Americans depend heavily on Social Security and retirement pension income. But the Social Security bucket may be at or near empty by the time most baby boomers are in their 90s. The supply of funds is not keeping up with the increased costs of healthcare services combined with longer lifespans.

Is Long Term Health Care Insurance an option? It certainly is for some seniors, and may be worthwhile to investigate. But like any insurance policy, the costs to carry monthly premium payments are less expensive the earlier in life you can afford to start. By delaying until later years, you are faced with higher premiums. So you can start young, and pay alot of money over many years. Or start later in life, and pay alot more per month in your advanced years.

In-Home Care is Less Expensive

What are the costs required to keep your aging parents at home? In-home care providers are usually less expensive than the option of a nursing home or an assisted living facility. With Home Care Partners, you have the option of hiring care staff when you want, and for whatever period of time. My recommendation to family members (who are considering homecare services for one or both parents) is to focus on the hours of the day when home assistance is preferable and provides the most benefit for your dollar. Controlling costs provides some peace of mind for those seniors who are concerned about the financial burden their care may be putting on their family.

Additionally, there may be some relatively simple and inexpensive services which can make daily life a bit easier on your parents. Can you install grab bars and elevated toilet seats in bathrooms? Contract with local pharmacies and supermarkets for home delivery for weekly groceries and prescription refills. Sign-up for local meals to be delivered through services such as “meals-on-wheels”.

When you choose in-home care, you are giving your parents the opportunity to remain in the comfort and security of their home, all the while receiving the skilled care, attention, and companionship they require.