Private Home Care is Cost Efficient

How much are you really paying for your private duty home care? Just like any service or product you intend to purchase, invest some time and energy in educating yourself and elderly parents.  Hourly rates in our market area range from $18 to $27 per hour. And there are good reasons for this price range. You may be buying from a service provider who brings no background or experience, certification, nor business license. Does the care provider carry liability insurance? You should ask questions and do your homework. Seniors and their families need to be aware of fraud. It is a mistake to make a purchasing decision based on the lowest price.

Live-in care rates can also vary widely. (Live-in care is provided by care staff who work, sleep, and eat while living with the elder’s house or apartment.) For example, Home Care Partners will bill clients on a daily rate to cover care staff — not on a pricing formula of 24 hours multiplied by an hourly rate. The latter is simply too expensive and smacks of unprofessionalism. Confirm that the company you are working with is well established in the community.

Home care is less expensive than other forms of care.

Certainly the costs of non-medical home care are always less expensive than hospitalization. As well as compared to the need of a nursing home. Costs associated with homecare are somewhat controllable — that is, you buy what you need. If a senior needs four hours of daily help, that is what they receive and pay for. There are no hidden fees or extra expenses for additional services.