It is estimated that 38 million older Americans suffer drug complications every year, about 180,000 of which are life-threatening. Do your elderly parents understand their medications?? My Mother certainly does not. She will take pills as given to her, but she does not really know what she is ingesting.

Symptoms due to medications are sometimes difficult to identify. These symptoms may be disguised as problems which are common to many of our elders. For example, complaints of weakness, fatigue, dizziness, loss of balance, or disorientation.

    Serious Problems:

The most serious medication problems involving seniors tend to focus around these scenarios:

• Not taking medicine correctly — either forgetting to take it or failing to follow instructions.
• Allergic reactions — sometimes this can take weeks to show effect.
• Drug side effects.
• Drug interactions — too many drugs being ingested which can counter act other medicines.
• Duplication — taking more meds than needed. Some elderly feel more is better.
• Wrong dosage — unfortunately, some prescriptions are the correct medications but simply the wrong dosage.
• Unnecessary or inappropriate usage — elderly parent does not need a medication but wants to take it anyway.