Our country has been at war for more than a decade, and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are unlike any military engagement in our nation’s history. Research shows that the repeated deployments of the past ten years have made all military service members more vulnerable to combat stress.

There are wounds which can not be seen, but which effect veterans and families alike. Physical health, and emotional health, can be compromised.

Invisible Wounds of War:

Sleeping difficulties are extremely common for returning veterans. Veterans’ deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or another war theater conditioned themselves to get by on very little sleep, and always remain alert. When these veterans return home, they may experience great difficulty falling asleep. Or, sleep may be interrupted by nightmares. During the day, some people experience disturbing flash backs of a traumatic event as if it were happening in real time. If you or a loved one is still having sleep trouble after being home for a few months, that is a sign you may need help.

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