Consider some additional tips to assist and improve the quality of home life for your elderly parents.

— Remove clutter.
If there are boxes, piles of newspapers & magazines, small tables, and/or other items in the hall or in common walking areas, these can pose serious tripping hazards. Clear out walkways. Removing these obstacles helps to improve safety for people as they get older. Also consider removal of throw rugs.

— Keep kitchen knives sharp.
Contrary to popular belief, a sharper knife is actually much safer than a dull one. When a knife is not sharp, it requires more strength and pressure to cut through meat, vegetables, and other items. That increases the risk of slipping and causing a serious laceration. The majority of lacerations that require stitches caused by knives is the result of the knife being dull, rather than sharp.

— Consider discussing professional home care with aging parents.
Having somebody working with the elderly individual on a regular basis, even if it is for a couple of hours a day, can be a great asset for safety. This individual could help the aging parents do various activities that may be putting them at greater risk for falls, accidents, and more.

– John D. Miller is the founder/owner of Home Care Partners, LLC, a Massachusetts business providing private duty, personalized in-home assistance and companion care services to those needing help in daily activities and household functions. He can be reached at: (781) 378-2164; email: ; or online at: